Independent Medicals, Third Party & Return to Work Assessments

Our physicians will assess employees who have sustained an injury or illness and have been absent from work (or on modified duties) for a significant period of time. Our Physician will provide an objective medical opinion of the employee's functional ability against the physical requirements of the job. The company representatives will be able to ask questions they might want answered in regards to their worker like, can they return to work or if there are any limitations/restrictions that a worker may need for a safe and early return to work.

A medical report will be prepared to provide the employer with the following kinds of information:

  • Diagnosis
  • History of disability.
  • Current limitations and restrictions.
  • Current treatment program.
  • Results of objective medical investigations.
  • Prognosis and opinions as to:
    • When the patient maybe able to return to work.
    • If the patient requires modified duties.
    • If there is a potential to make the problem worse by returning to work.
    • Suggestions regarding referrals or tests that might clarify diagnosis/prognosis.
    • The symptoms re: further treatment

The Return to Work Assessment is designed to identify the causes of the disability, manage the disability, encourage rehab and make recommendations for the company management team to promote early and safe return to work.

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