WSIB Work Related Illness and Injury & Disability Claims Management

At MCI, we understand and promote WSIB Bill 99 and the Early and Safe Return-to-Work program. Our Physicians always consider light or modified duties for injured workers instead of "time off". This "time off" can lead to unnecessary lost time for your company and has been proven to become very costly. We have developed a program that is beneficial to the worker and your company.

The program starts with an agreement between MCI and your company. Our Occupational Manager will discuss with you the nature of the workplace and will inform all our clinics that modified work is available at your workplace. This will guarantee that your injured work will receive treatment at any of our clinics and will be provided with light or modified duties. If requested, the employer will also receive via fax, the FAF consisting specific directions regarding the injured worker's limitations and restrictions. With extended hours and the convenience of walk-in services, your employees avoid lengthy emergency room waits.

Claims Disability Management program is designed to assist employers shorten or even prevent employee absences which reduce cost and maintain productivity in the workplace.