Covid-19 site access advanced health screening services

Corporations are committed to the health and safety of their employees and reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure to employees, guests and contractors as a key component to maintaining business continuity, you can trust us to keep your valued staff safe.

doctor looking into the ear
infrared temperature testing

What we offer

MCI has conducted Site Access Advanced Health Screening for unionized organizations as well as private sector clients since the pandemic threatened essential services.  This includes temperature checks as well as conducting Ministry of Health questionnaires and documentation.

MCI provides all resources including PPE for staff, equipment and staff labour, to conduct questionnaire and temperature screening for all employees, visitors and contractors who access Intercontinental properties.  Trained medical professionals (RPNs or PSW’s) will conduct the program to ensure the highest quality of health screening. This will result in employees and visitors having confidence in the screening program and knowing all participants will be carefully processed in the program.  Our staff maintain professional standards of confidentiality and consistency in approach to all participants.


Additionally in the current environment, it is important to know that the screening staff are not assigned to community practice or LTC/retirement settings. They only work as Site Access Health Screeners which provides our clients the confidence that our medical staff are only engaged in similar worksite assignments conducting low risk screening. This will further provide your employees and program participants additional confidence in our team.  Dependant on the shift requirements, we will staff the same nurses at the same locations. This will enable familiarity with the site, the staff, supervisors and specifics of the location.

The greatest value in the screening results comes from our staff speaking with employees, listening for symptoms and asking detailed questions related to exposure scenarios. It’s the key to spotting cases early. 

MCI’s nursing team verbally screens all employees, visitors and contractors using the provincial Ministry of Health screening questionnaire. Verbal review of the COVID-19 identifying symptoms, questioning regarding exposure to COVID-19 positive or undergoing testing contacts, or contact with those who have travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days will be asked. This is critical for the success of the screening initiative as it is known that those without temperature elevation, but having COVID-19 symptoms or risk factors are highly contagious both at the asymptomatic and early symptomatic stages.

The Screening Service performs temperature screening by infra-red thermometers using forehead scans, tympanic (ear) temperature readings or thermal body scan (some client sites).

For screening documentation, our clients are following varied procedures which work for their unique site requirements. Some clients request paper based tracking on charts, some log on paper employee lists, some have our MCI staff entering into excel employee lists on a laptop, some are scanning badges and barcodes for entry.

MCI will maintain records for all screened whichever documentation method is utilized and report totals to Project Managers as requested. This will provide data on the project and information to consider related to adjusting staffing levels.

Charges are based on an hourly rate, variable dependant on the total number of screening hours across the client’s location(s).

Please reach out to us if you have a general inquiry or question about our occupational health services. For clinic specific inquiries, please visit our Contact tab at the top of the page.