COVID-19 Corporate services

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the lives of Canadians: workplaces, homes and socially.  MCI has worked with clients since the start of the health crisis to support the safest workplace practice through the provision of various services designed to safeguard the health of employees, as well as support the business continuity of our clients.

Our clients additionally benefit from the information and best practice resource of MCI’s Medical Directors and collective group of physicians as Public Health knowledge and resources have evolved over the past several months.

MCI’s Corporate COVID-19 suite of services focus on the elements of prevention, protection, diagnosis and education.  We will continue to expand our workplace and clinic offerings as Health Canada approved testing and devices are made available.

Currently, the only Health Canada approved test to diagnose the disease is PCR testing, either in the laboratory or by a point-of-care (POC) device.

MCI collects PCR tests in our clinics as well as at employer sites and mobile collection. Only asymptomatic people are tested. If any symptoms are present, testing must be conducted at Public Health sites.  Site collection of samples for PCR testing to startup within 1 -3 business days.

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MCI conducts Antigen Rapid Testing which provides results within 15 minutes. These are not diagnostic as a PCR test is required following a positive antigen test.

Antigen testing is a valuable part of a workplace screening program to monitor for asymptomatic positive employees. Registered nurses conduct the tests by mid-nasal swabbing.

The Rapid Antigen Testing Program can be used in conjunction with a building access QR code platform to provide security and ensure compliance by employees.

MCI offers Physician Telephone Consultation for COVID-19 Return To Work (RTW) which can provide HR and Health & Safety teams the confidence that the return to work recommendations have been validated and are following best practice public health guidance. 

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MCI has conducted Site Access Advanced Health Screening for unionized organizations as well as private sector clients since the pandemic threatened essential services.

MCI provides all resources, including PPE for staff, equipment and staff labour, to conduct questionnaire and temperature screening for all employees, visitors and contractors who access Intercontinental properties.

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MCI offers clients access to telephone support of a MCI Nurse and Physician (if required) for employees who may have additional questions or concerns about COVID-19.

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