Why Us?

MCI Provides:

Trained and Professional Staff

Finding, training and managing staff can take you away from focusing on your patients.  MCI's trained and professional staff are ready and able to help you.  They treat every patient with dignity, care and respect.

Well Maintained Offices & Equipment

Your patients are treated in a comfortable and safe environment with up-to-date equipment.  MCI gives you the best possible professional facilities and tools to practice medicine without having to deal with the administrative issues.

Efficient Administration

Let MCI do the paperwork for you.  Reducing the time you spend on administration allows you to dedicate yourself to the care of your patients.  Take advantage of the best medical office administration available.

Practice When and Where you Want

Flexible schedules to support your lifestyle. Every one of MCI's 250 doctors has their own schedule - full time, part time, family practice or walk-in. You decide what fits your needs best. MCI will provide the support network that is fundamental to this kind of flexibility.

Our Doctors and Clinics Speak for Themselves

We'd like the opportunity to show you first hand what MCI is all about - no hassle, no commitment.  Please contact us to arrage a tour of one of our clinics.

Hear what our doctors have to say about MCI Medical Clinics!

"The staff are experienced and professional. That is a real benefit to me. It offers me peace of mind to know my patients are well looked after."

Dr. Alvin Boxer

"Filing, billing and follow-up are important management functions that need to be done. MCI takes care of these tasks so I can take care of my patients."

Dr. Terry Wong

"With MCI, I can choose my schedule and the location I want to base my practice. They make it easy for me to practice the type of medicine I want."

Dr. Zsuzsanna Gabor

"Being a physician is challenging enough without the added stress of managing a medical practice. MCI’s talented team of professionals and support staff takes the stress out of the office and allows me to focus my energy on what I love most, the practice of medicine."

Dr. Wendy Proctor