About MCI The Doctor's Office

MCI The Doctor's Office is one of the largest primary medical care groups in Canada with over 25 clinics conveniently located across Ontario and Alberta. MCI The Doctor's Office allows their more than one million patients to access a vast, multidisciplinary group of medical doctors, specialists, healthcare practitioners and therapists, and related services.

MCI The Doctor's Office is in a unique position to provide continuity and access to a vast range of healthcare services for Canadians

Arguably the most experienced family practice management company in Canada, MCI has roots in Ontario dating back 24 years and in Alberta for 30 years. MCI is a Canadian firm that specializes in helping physicians to improve their lifestyle and focus 100% on patient care because MCI assumes full responsibility for all administration and clinic operations. MCI operates twenty-six full service medical clinics in Ontario and Alberta.

For Patients

Appointment or Walk-in?

You do not need an appointment to see a walk-in doctor at MCI The Doctor’s Office. When making an appointment with your family physician, the receptionist or healthcare professional on staff will ask about the nature of your health concern to allocate the appropriate amount of time. Multiple problems may require more than one appointment. Family doctors are available by appointment; please see our FAQ section for details. A range of medical specialists are available by referral at a number of our medical clinics. Please contact us for details, as the availability of MCI specialists may vary.

A Special Note to Our Patients

All of the doctors and healthcare professionals at MCI The Doctor’s Office are dedicated, caring medical professionals who have chosen to practice medicine as the result of a heartfelt desire to help people. The reality of medicine today is that the system is overburdened, physicians are being asked to handle more patients and a wider range of medical issues each day. Since each MCI clinic is a walk-in medical clinics, we trust our patients to wait their turn. Please be patient. We are doing our best and when your turn comes your concerns will also be given an appropriate amount of time and attention.


If you cannot attend your MCI appointment, please cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance. This allows the clinic free up a spot for another patient waiting for an appointment.
Missed appointments without prior notice will be charged a fee.

Complete Physicals

As a part of your overall health, it is crucial to book a complete physical once a year. Ask your MCI healthcare professional to remind you of your last complete physical, and book your next physical well in advance. Yearly physicals give your MCI doctor an opportunity to assess your overall health when you are healthy, renew prescriptions and discuss preventative healthcare. We ask all patients to arrive at least 10 minutes early for these appointments, as some preliminary work is required before getting started.

Laboratory Test & X-ray Results

Due to the volume of test results coming to MCI clinics each day, normal results will not be reported to the patient. We will contact patients with abnormal results or for tests that require a follow-up visit to a clinic. Pregnancy test results will be reported in a phone call to the patient. If you wish to discuss test results with your doctor, please book a follow-up appointment for one to two weeks after the tests are done. MCI is pleased to provide our patients with medical laboratory services. Please note however that due to government license regulations, we can only process tests accompanied by a requisition from an MCI doctor.

Telephone Calls

If you have a health-related question that you wish to discuss, please make an appointment or come to the walk-in. Most medical questions need to be dealt with by a doctor or healthcare professional in order to assess the healthcare concern and document matters properly.