Driver Physicals (MOT) & Lift Truck Assessments

Our physicians perform commercial driver physicals in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation regulations. Drivers should phone the clinic to book an appointment and please and bring your M.O.T. form.

The Lift Truck assessments are required to identify the fitness of a worker as a forklift truck operator. Health and Safety legislation require that employers ensure employees are competent to do their work and able to do so safely. In Canada, CSA Standard 3335-94 recommends that employers ensure workers are medically fit to operate a forklift. MCI THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE™ will customize each assessment to meet your organization's specific requirements. We determine fitness based on the physical demands of the employee's job. You will receive same day verbal reporting on the fitness status of your employees and written confirmation will be mailed to you.

Click here to download the Ontario M.O.T. form.