Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Learn about the support available to you at MCI. Remember, be patient with yourself. It helps to open up and talk to someone.


Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders.

Looking for a psychiatrist? Seeing a psychiatrist requires a referral from your physician. Speak to your family doctor to ask about whether seeing a psychiatrist would be helpful. Referral for treatment from a Psychiatrist is covered by OHIP / AHCIP.


Our available in-clinic Psychiatrists:

Dr. Nikolay Baldzhiyski - Bloor

Dr. John Kelly - Bramalea

Dr. Rohanne Robertson MooreOakville, Mississauga West




Psychotherapy uses talk therapy to treat for emotional problems and mental illnesses and intended to help people improve and maintain their overall well-being.

Looking for a Psychotherapist? You do not need a referal to see a Psychotherapist. Registered Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples and families in individual and group settings. Some insurances and benefits cover Psychotherapist fees, check with your provider.

Our available Registered Psychotherapists:

Sagita Zego - Mississsauga West, Woodbridge

Faith Paterson - Atrium

Kasper Kalin - Royal Bank Plaza

Donna Barefoot - Whitby

Joan Beattie - Morningside

Radhika Sundar - Mississauga West, Meadowvale, McLaughlin
Virtual Care available and affordable group therapy. Learn more at https://omfamilytherapy.com/about/


Additional Resources

A public health emergency like the Covid-19 outbreak can be stressful especially for people who have preexisting medical conditions, or are separated from friends and family. There may be a heightened awareness, concern, anxiety and fear. For many, a sense of loss or feeling like you don't have control may be common. Consider reaching out to any of the resources listed below for additional help.

Toronto Covid-19 Mental Health Resources

Calgary Resources for Mental Health

Alberta Covid-19 Mental Health Resources

Ontario - Find Mental Health Support Near You


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