Covid-19 testing and logistics

Currently, the only Health Canada approved test to diagnose the disease is PCR testing, either in the laboratory or by a point-of-care (POC) device. There is the availability of lab-based PCR testing for workplaces in Canada.

MCI can implement the on site collection of samples for COVID-19 PCR testing to start up within 1-3 business days.

clinic days

On collection clinic days, all samples will be collected in a safe and efficient manner following public health guidelines for the collection of Health Canada approved samples. Registered Nurses will be present in full personal protective equipment and will require a clean room for collection of samples.  Currently anterior nasal, mid-nasal, mouth as well as nasopharyngeal collection is Health Canada approved for COVID-19 diagnostic testing. 

The nurse will collect active consent from the participant prior to collecting any personal information or obtaining a sample. Consent will be stored by MCI in accordance to all privacy regulations. We will obtain written consent once and verbal consent subsequently is sufficient.

The MCI nurse will package all samples in accordance with the most up to date packaging procedures for COVID-19 samples. All packaging is designed to preserve sample integrity during shipping and to comply with strict Transportation of Dangerous Goods requirements as outlined by Transport Canada.

results reporting

Results are provided to the MCI physician as soon as the results are available via our lab portal. Employees also have the ability to log into the lab portal to view their personal results. 

MCI’s ordering physician or their designate is required to communicate any positive COVID-19 results to the participant and to advise the participant of the next steps according to the current public health guidelines.

All positive results will also be communicated to the appropriate regional public health authorities. This communication is managed by Dynacare and will happen either via fax or secure electronic transmission, depending on the region. The regional public health authority may also reach out to the participant to advise on next steps and appropriate actions.

MCI assigns a dedicated Account Manager to oversee and coordinate the staffing, reporting and operational requirements of the program. They are the 24-7 communications contact and trouble shooting support to the client.

turn around time for results

Turnaround time for COVID-19 results is 36 hours from the time of testing. All samples begin to be processed as soon as they arrive at the laboratory for tracking and testing purposes. Due to the unusual and rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to understand that there could be changes to the expected resulting turn around times due to factors beyond the Dynacare’s control.

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