Family Physicians Accepting, By Location

Ontario Clinics

Bramalea City Centre

Dr. R Manzoor
Family Practice

Languages spoken: Hindu, Punjabi, Urdu

Call 905 793 7077 to inquire!


Dr. Pham
Family Practice

Call 416 515 0590 to inquire!



Dr. Gorczynski
Family Practice

Call 416 636 7077 to inquire!

Main Exchange

Dr. Asa Chu
Family Practice

Call 905 738 6699 to inquire!


Dr. Maggo
Family Practice

Dr. Jaikaran
Family Practice

Call 905 795 2873 to inquire!



Dr. Pawel Golubka
Family Practice

Call 905 820 3310to inquire!


Dr. Akila Ratnavadivel
Family Practice

Call 416 284 1020 to inquire!

Mount Pleasant

Dr. Mark Braidwood
Family Practice

Call 416 488 1455 to inquire!


Dr. Sanjay Shroff
Family Practice

Call 905 849 7007 to inquire!

Six Points Plaza

Dr. Ayodeji Babatope
Family Practice

Call 416 234 8668 to inquire!

Royal Bank Plaza

Dr. Stephanie Grail & Dr. Veronica Grail
Family Practice

Call 416 368 6787 to inquire!


Dr. Andrew Thongsack
Family Practice

Call 905 856 2100 to inquire!


Alberta Clinics

Health Care Connect refers Ontarians who don't have a physician to a family health care provider who may be accepting new patients.

Unattached patients can call or go online to ontario.ca/healthcareconnect to register with the program. To successfully register, unattached patients must have a valid OHIP card and complete a health questionnaire to determine their need for family health care services. Priority is given to individuals who have greater health needs.

For additional information, please call ServiceOntario, Infoline 1-866-532-3161
TTY 1-800-387-5559. In Toronto, TTY 416-327-4282
Core hours : 8:30am - 5:00pm

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